Creativity Unleashed

HERO is the premier standards-based project-based learning solution for classroom and remote learning.

Empowering Students

Encouraging self-esteem, independence, and development of 21st century global and career skills.

Make every
student a HERO

A new way of learning, a new way of teaching.

Changing Lives

Creating engaging and encouraging educational opportunities, with a personalized approach to education.

Learning Community

Online community inspires students and teachers with the experience of coming together.

Standards Based


Data Analytics

HERO Ecosystem

HERO is an innovative student centric learning approach that builds on strengths - a uniquely effective curriculum and teaching method, delivered by its own robust DLE (Digital Learning Environment).

HERO’s project-based Curriculum is comprehensive and continuously evolving. The DLE enables individualized learning, with the support of the extensive learning Community. Unparalleled reporting and Administration tools are district-wide, and empower existing structures, or even new school or district creation.

Enables Blended Learning

Whether in a classroom, small group, or online, HERO guides learners to projects and resources that best fit their unique interests, goals, and learning styles. Projects that blend standards with real world applications, crossing disciplines, developing the problem solving skills that both adult and youth learners need. HERO develops in students a love of learning and exploration to last a lifetime.

Teachers & Student Collaborate

Technology shouldn’t get in the way of teaching. HERO is a proven robust solution for empowering students to learn - and teachers to teach. Teachers adjust projects and paths to individual students, assist as mentors and experts, and evaluate. Students are active participants in choosing the path of their education. Collaborating across the network to engage in rigorous online projects, with multiple supports to ensure success in learning.

Standards Based Learning

Learning standards for each project and progress towards course completion and graduation are visible to teacher, learner, and administrator alike. All projects are cross-curricular, giving a greater opportunity to work and earn credit in more than one subject area at the same time. Adding HERO Way 6-12 Grade Curriculum aligns all content to state, national, and international accredited standards.

Individualized Learning Paths

Students pick a version of a project that peaks their curiosity, and teachers can direct or limit that choice by creating pathways. Teachers can meet individual needs of students by editing or adding scaffolding to the material. HERO changes to fit the needs of each student - because education isn’t a one size fits all.

Rigorous & Proven

A robust technology, and a clearly vetted academic & social-emotional rigorous curriculum in use across the United States, United Kingdom, and internationally. Our approach is successful in motivating learners across the educational spectrum, unlocking curiosity and self-motivation, and raising academic standards.

Great Beginnings

HERO Technology and Curriculum were created to provide a personalized, project-based, and competency-assessed education experience for all students. HERO Curriculum was developed to provide an experience aligned with emerging trends in education involving integration of 21st Century skills, competency-based assessments, and the works of prominent voices in education.

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