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September 24, 2015

HERO Chat Version 2.0 released

HERO Curriculum Sequencing Feature Released

November 10, 2015

HERO was updated with a major new feature, which allows schools to further customize the sequence options of projects in each course. This comes as a major update, as schools, classrooms, and even individual students can have customized, sequential learning plans to more efficiently complete a course.

What is a sequence? Think of this as a pacing guide / curriculum map. The sequence for a course will have a list of steps. Each step will have group of projects that all earn the same standards. Students should choose to do one project per step.

HERO will place students into the appropriate step they need in a sequence based upon their earned learning standards. If a Researcher already earned the standards for a step, HERO will say "Step Complete" and advance the, to the next step. While this keeps a student more on-track in their course progress, they always have the option to revisit previous steps.

Teachers can create a sequence for any course in HERO, as well as view and copy any existing ones to customize on their own. This is all in an easy to use interface, so teachers will be up and running in no time!

Are sequences mandatory? HERO is all about choice, so sequences are not required for your school. Furthermore, additional project sorting options allow all users to view course projects by sequence, alphabetical, highest rated, most learning standards, and newly added.