Student focused, feeding curiosity, strengthening independent learning, building 21st Century skills

Student Focused, Building Motivated Independent Learners

HERO is a proven robust solution for empowering students to learn - and teachers to teach. With project-based learning, students are active participants in navigating the path of their education while completing requirements. Teachers adjust projects and paths to individual students, add supports if needed, with a complete editable project-based Curriculum in alignment with state, national, and international standards. Projects cross disciplines, mirroring the overlapping of real world skills, and complete multiple standards. HERO Curriculum and System encourage self-esteem, independence, and the development of 21st century skills - guiding students to a college education and/or subsequent career paths. HERO inspires students with real-world learning, community, and self-respect. Student Focused, Building Motivated Independent Learners.

“I know how many standards they’re earning per week, when their projected graduation dates are, what they like and don’t like, etc. If I see a Researcher (student), I know exactly he or she needs and I can even tailor projects to them. If they’re already done with standards we won’t give them projects that cover those same standards.

One really cool things about our program is that they’re not just earning credits for a single class. I’ve had kids that write me essays for Social Studies, I’ll send them to English and they’ll earn English credits as well.

Researchers have the opportunity to earn credits faster because they’re targeting multiple subjects with each project"

Easy Deployment, Easy Customization

HERO Curriculum is complete out-of-the-box, and standards aligned, for grades 6-12. When you’re ready, HERO Curriculum is fully editable, with individualization and scaffolding support. And - an authoring suite for you to create your own standards-aligned Curriculum materials.

See Progress, See Goals

Teachers and students alike have complete data on where students stand - progress towards graduation, standards accomplished, grades and equivalencies gained. Students are empowered, and teachers can tailor paths so that students do not repeat standards accomplished.

Meet Students Where They Are, And Inspire

HERO Curriculum has proven success in supporting and inspiring students with a full range of learning needs - on-track, challenged or gifted - to succeed and excel. HERO reveals to students the real-world applications of knowledge, making students both learners and researchers, developing curiosity and an internal drive to learn.

Curriculum Design & Approach

The curriculum is aligned with national, state and international standards, and is easily aligned with additional standards. Project-Based Learning is the vehicle through which students deeply explore concepts and skills embedded in the standards towards accumulating course credit. Projects are designed by Highly Qualified teachers that encompass all of the state and national standards. In addition to these projects, students have the ability to co-create standards focused projects in collaboration with teachers. Constructivist learning is the foundation for all work that students do, and how teachers co-create learning experiences.

Robust and Engaging Projects

Students love HERO projects because they are fun, personalized, and topical. For a particular lesson - a set of learning standards - students can pick a version of the lesson that peaks their interest and aligns with hobbies or possible career goals. Students can collaborate with their teachers to expand and augment projects to cover more standards. For example, the same physics lesson may be packaged with theme and setting of zombies, or construction, sports, or a moon shot. Students often express their talents by adding amazing artistic, literary, and scientific expansions to their projects - building a personal portfolio of accomplishment.

Fresh, Updated, Expertly Supported

Curriculum revision is ongoing and refined on a monthly basis. Curriculum revisions include new project development, inter-rater reliability assessment of standards, assessment design, and other best practices for a constructivist approach to learning. Additionally, a core action team of Curriculum Directors and Content Area Specialists constantly monitors and manages curriculum needs and supports for the entire system.