HERO Learning Technology is the Premier Project Based Learning System

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HERO Learning Technology is changing the world of learning, together with HERO Curriculum. It is the only learning system that provides project-based, standards-based, inquiry-based, cross-curricular learning - empowering both students and teachers to excel. One size does not fit all, and HERO matches the pace and level of each student, enabling true mentorship and customization of learning. True self-motivation comes from students' exploration of projects, and total knowledge of where they stand - grades and points gained in standards per project, and progress towards graduation.

Inquiry Based Learning HERO motivates students by engaging their curiosity, offering multiple learning options for each standard, and encouraging research and exploration to earn credit more quickly.

Project Based Learning Real world learning comes with projects that cross curriculum and draw on multiple talents, just as real world problem solving often requires multiple talents. Different subject matter teachers also collaborate in using and creating projects for their students, and contribute grading for their portion.

HERO Empowers Students knowing exactly how each project gets them closer to graduation, in collaborating with teachers in their own education, by expanding projects to gain more credit, and enjoying the vibrant community and creations of their peers.

HERO Empowers Educators having tools that respect their key role in the formation of lifetime learners and free them to truly teach and mentor. Every aspect of teaching, content use and creation, administration, and communication have been exquisitely provided in this rigorous and classroom tested solution.


  • Inquiry Based Learning
  • Align and Track Standards
  • Scaffold Layers of Support
  • Cross-Curricular
  • Supports Blended Learning
  • Personalized Learning
  • Curriculum & Material Creation Tools
  • Effective Medium for All Content
  • Integrated Multimedia
  • Projects Build Great Student Portfolios


  • Instructors are Integral
  • Network of Teachers
  • Adjustable Levels of Student Group Collaboration
  • Customizable Student Network
  • Cross-Curricular Teams
  • Teacher/Student Curriculum & Content Co-Creation Tools
  • Student Can Opt to Expand & Augment Projects
  • Collaborative Grading Available
  • Supports On-Site and Off-Site Teachers

Data Rich

  • District of Multiple Site Live Feed Dashboard
  • Teacher's Dashboard
  • Student's Dashboard
  • Parent's Dashboard
  • Clear View of Progress in Project
  • Clear View of Progress to Graduation
  • Detailed Data on Standards Met by Each Project
  • Detailed Data on Student Progress by Standard
  • Multiple Scoring and Transcript Output
  • Detailed Student Portfolio

Easy Adoption

  • Integrates with Common Education Apps
  • Intuitive and Quick
  • Allows Immediate Use of Curriculum and Later Customization
  • Training Online and On Site Available
  • Full 6-12 Grade Curriculum Available
  • Custom Curriculum Acceptance
  • Can Engage Hero Curriculum Development Team
  • Research Backed Approach to Learning

Teacher Support

  • Provides Teachers with Automated Reporting
  • Frees Teachers to Teach and Mentor
  • Robust Communication Tools
  • Easy Customization of Curriculum and Content
  • Easy to Use Grading
  • Easy Individualization and Pathway Creation


  • Supports On-Site and Virtual Classrooms
  • Cloud Based
  • Always On - 24/7
  • Accepts Your Learning Standards
  • Accepts Your Curriculum
  • Adapts to Range of Student Capabilities & Strengths
  • Differentiated Instruction & Multiple Intelligences
  • Supports Full of Partial Adoption
  • Supports Internationalization
  • Scales from Single User to Full Multi-Site
  • Proven Solution in Constant Use

Valuable add-ons

  • Custom Curriculum Development - integration of your curriculum or new curriculum development
  • New School/Program Establishment Assistance - seasoned pros to help you start up
  • Custom Standards Integration - align Way Curriculum or your custom curriculum with current or custom standards and benchmarks
  • Application Integration - exchange data with your existing applications
  • Internationalization and school establishment internationally - currently established in England and Brazil
  • Custom or On-Site Training - Get up to speed with Project Based, Inquiry Based teaching, within the Hero Technology system context.
  • Expert Presentation - Seasoned administrators and educators can help you advocate for system and curriculum adoption with local, district, or state and national stakeholders.